What is Your Company’s Reality?

Have you ever wished that your customers could interact and engage extensively with your company’s products on retail shelves? Are you looking for a real advantage to pick up more product facings? The PackageAR team can deliver just that for your company.


Augmented reality will engage your customers fully as they become completely engrossed in your products, as they step into a world where images come to life by launching the PackageAR app. While a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth a lot more than that as augmented reality opens up a world where images come to life. For that reason and more, augmented reality is the one tool your competitors hope you don’t use. It’s time to start bringing charts, graphs, illustrations to life as you tell more of the product’s story to prospects and customers.


Imagine your customers roaming shopping aisles and showrooms for viewing the augmented reality content launched through your product packaging. The possibilities are endlessly scalable and profitable.


PackageAR powered by McNutt & Partners is leading the way in augmented reality. Our talented team brings great content to life through AR.

Interactive Packages

Bring charts, graphs, and illustrations to life as you tell more of the product’s story

Highly Customizable

We will tailor AR to your company’s unique packaging needs

Cross Platform

We develop on both iOS and Android, so you don't have to compromise on a platform

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Image Keying

We key to specific aspects of each image to enable an immediate launch of your video content or another site. We also host your images and corresponding videos to ensure that your AR content lives on through your media.

  • $3000 annual license fee for basic capabilities
  • $50 fee one-time to key each image
  • $20 fee per month / per image for hosting
  • Image Keying
  • AR Channels

    AR channels allow you organize your information for ease of use. You can add a link to your website, have direct ``click-to-call`` to company contacts, or even take payments – it's up to you.

    • Organize your content by department or location
    • Create jump links to web content
  • AR Channels
  • Customizations

    Our web and app development team create next-level products that can give your company an edge over the competition. We can customize your app by incorporating elements of your existing brochures, website, and other digital content.

    • Add your own style by customizing it with your existing media.
    • Features such as a calculator or coupons are easy to include.
  • Customizations
  • Reporting and Privacy

    We can split your content into public facing and private information and provide statistical data on app usage. We use industry leading technologies and practices to ensure your data stays yours, and your users' privacy is respected.

    • Your information and the information on your users is kept secure.
    • Your app can be tailored with private pages that are only accessible by your employees.
  • Reporting and Privacy
    • AR in Action


      Video Production

      Our video team is well equipped to shoot, edit, and expertly produce visuals that make your product shine. Not only can we shoot in 1080 and 4K, but we also have an FAA certified drone for aerial footage. Whether it’s video for TV or web, we will deliver a guaranteed “wow” for you and your clients.

      App Development

      Our web and app development team have created some incredible next-level products. Communicating through your own app is a more effective way to engage with your customers, and having a dedicated app also makes your company look like it’s way ahead of the competition.

      Graphic Design

      Our innovative and classically trained graphic designers can create anything from a new logo for a client program, a corporate ID kit, print ad, web banner for a digital campaign, or typeset feature images for a client’s blog or anything in between to bring your AR to life with high quality graphic design.

      Custom Motion Graphics

      We can add storytelling motion graphics to every video we shoot and incorporate them into your AR app. We can also add motion graphics to your already existing media, and make them really come to life.

      Content Creation

      Our copywriting team is ready to write engaging, informative content to communicate your ideas efficiently. Our agency develops custom, unique content in line with the latest search engine optimization techniques.

      Retrofit Your Media

      We can retrofit AR to your existing marketing pieces, videos and sites, so that you don’t have to completely redo all of your content.

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      Package AR gives companies in the packaging industry the ability to communicate directly with customers through our products.

      Kirk Stephens

      Vice President of Sales, Southwest Paper


      Contact us today so that together, we can change your company’s reality by growing your business and taking it as far as it can go!

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